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Epilepsy Stories

Laith’s Epilepsy Story

November 1, 2017

Laith first started having seizures when he was about six-years-old. He would see a blinking bright light for a few seconds or minutes and then his eyesight would return to normal. By his late teens, he had different types of seizures, mostly absence seizures which are very brief and, for Laith, on average lasted around…

Ottawa Area Student Wins Osler Epilepsy Scholarship

August 25, 2017

Sarah tries not to think about the fact that she has epilepsy, despite the constant reminder of her Medic Alert bracelet that she wears around her wrist. There are other reminders as well, such as the side effects of medication and the learning and memory difficulties that sometimes come with epilepsy. But Sarah has not…

Véronique’s Epilepsy Story

March 28, 2017

In Grade 5, I had my first seizures. My friends at school, my siblings and parents (and also myself…) didn’t know they were seizures. For part of my childhood, I had been a hyperactive and hard to predict child. So at first it seemed I was playing a role and seeking attention, but because I…