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Epilepsy Stories

Véronique’s Epilepsy Story

March 28, 2017

In Grade 5, I had my first seizures. My friends at school, my siblings and parents (and also myself…) didn’t know they were seizures. For part of my childhood, I had been a hyperactive and hard to predict child. So at first it seemed I was playing a role and seeking attention, but because I…

Tammy and Kyle

August 30, 2016

First comes marriage and then comes children. That was what my husband and I planned back in 1994. Our son Kyle was born 9 months after our wedding. It was an easy pregnancy and uneventful birth. We were delighted as he met all milestones over the next few months. When he was 9 months old,…

Mary’s Epilepsy Story

August 12, 2016

My name is Mary. I am a wife, and mother of three teenage boys Sam (18), Ben (16) and Joey (14). Our epilepsy story began 7 years ago when my oldest son, Sam, was 11. We noticed that he was having “spells” where he would just stop everything he was doing and stare off into…