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Raising Awareness

Ottawa Fire Truck Pull

July 12, 2018

Can you and your friends pull a 10+ tonne fire truck 100 feet? Join the inaugural Ottawa Fire Truck Pull on October 28 to challenge yourself for a great cause!

Putting Epilepsy Programs in Provincial Budget

February 23, 2018

Tell our Health and Finance Ministers that you support dedicated funding for epilepsy education and support programs at Ontario’s community epilepsy agencies in this year’s provincial budget.

EpLink and Epilepsy Research in Ontario

January 8, 2018

By Mitch Jackson The future of epilepsy research involves a wide range of areas, from medical marijuana to wearable headsets that can monitor brainwaves. EpLink – The Epilepsy Research Program of the Ontario Brain Institute began in 2010 with a mandate to reduce seizures and improve quality of life for people with epilepsy through research.…

Epilepsy and Social Isolation

November 1, 2017

By Mitch Jackson Epilepsy is much more common than many people realize. In the Ottawa area alone, there are almost 10,000 people living with epilepsy. That’s pretty much the entire population of Carleton Place! Despite the prevalence of epilepsy in Ottawa and around the world, a very real effect of living with epilepsy is the…