Public Information Meetings

Epilepsy Ottawa’s Public Information Meetings are open to those living with epilepsy, their families and friends, and the general public.

Meetings feature guest speakers talking about their area of expertise. Speakers range from health care professionals, legal professionals, to health and wellness experts.

Epilepsy Information Meetings often held at The Bronson Center- 211 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa. K1R 6H5. The details of each will be posted here and on the Events page.

Epilepsy Diet Therapy for Adults

Guest Speaker: Dr. Eduard Bercovici
Thursday, November 16, 2017
McNabb Recreation Centre
180 Percy Street
Ottawa, ON K1R 6E5


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Previous sessions include:

Meet Ottawa’s new epileptologist, Dr. Tadeau Fantaneanu and find out about the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at The Ottawa Hospital

Navigating the Healthcare System with Epilepsy and Seizures
Susan Hagar, Marian Meade, and Lynn Joseph (RNs with Nurse on Board)

Financial Planning for People with Disabilities
Troy Mulvey and Lisa Whittleton, Financial Security Advisors, Freedom 55 Financial

Screening of “On the Edge: Living with Epilepsy” – Epilepsy Ontario and Epilepsy Ottawa proudly presented the premiere Ottawa screening of the documentary, On the Edge: Living with Epilepsy at the National Arts Centre, on May 21, 2014. The film screening included a facilitated conversation with the director, a medical clinician, an individual who lives with epilepsy and other notable guests followed by a reception.

Epilepsy in the Workplace & Knowing Your Rights
Jennifer Duff, L.L.B, Law Firm of Shields & Hunt

Epilepsy Surgery for your Child
Dr. Erick Sell, Neurologist & Paediatrician at CHEO

Children & Adolescents Facing Epilepsy & their Futures
Dr. Erick Sell, Neurologist & Paediatrician at CHEO

Epilepsy Advocate Sharing an Inspirational Story
Tim Tilt

Epilepsy & Anti-Seizure Medication
Dr. Erick Sell, Neurologist & Pediatrician at CHEO

Cognitive Aspects of Epilepsy
Dr. Mark Ferland, Neuropsychologist

Living with an Epilepsy Dog Guide
Lise-Marie Andrews & Nadia Amdouni, Lions Foundation Fog Guides Canada

The Registered Disabilities Savings Plan
Dave Wallans, BMO Financial Group

Employment Strategies
Melanie Haldane, YMCA Job Connects

Living Well with Epilepsy
Sara McConnel, Anxiety Disorders Association of Ottawa & Dr. Kandice Lock, Naturopathic Doctor

Communication Workshop
Kathy Herties, MBA

Taking Charge of Your Epilepsy
Dr. Alan Guberman

Epilepsy and EEG Testing
Michael Babineau, R. PSG. T. Ottawa Hospital

Creative Movement & Dance Workshop
Shara Weaver

Epilepsy and Tai Chi
The Taoist Tai Chi Association

Epilepsy After Highschool: Disability Services at Algonquin College and Carleton University
Louise Legault, Disability Advisor & Somi Tam, Learning Specialist