Living Well with Epilepsy

Epilepsy’s impact reaches beyond medical concerns. The effects of an epilepsy diagnosis can extend to just about every facet of a person’s life, and vary from person to person. The following links provide a range of resources for learning and understanding how to live well with epilepsy.

Depression and Anxiety

People with epilepsy are more likely to experience depression and anxiety than the general population. This section will explain what what anxiety and depression are and how they are related to epilepsy. It also includes a starting point for treatment.


Losing your driver’s license after having a seizure can reduce independence, increase social isolation, and create challenges for getting to work or completing everyday errands. This resource explains when someone with epilepsy is eligible to get their license back and the process for getting a license reinstated after a suspension.


People with epilepsy face a higher rate of unemployment and underemployment than the general population. This section provides advice on legal rights, accommodations, talking to an employer about epilepsy, and more. There are also links to additional resources for people with epilepsy and employers who have an employee with epilepsy.

Financial Support

This section contains information on Ontario Works, Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits, the Ontario Disability Support Program, Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits,  and Drug Benefit Programs.

Learning Challenges

Find out about specific learning challenges for children with epilepsy and how you can help them with organizing and planning. There is also information on ADHD and memory retention strategies.


People with epilepsy often struggle with memory. Learn about different types of memory, reasons why people with epilepsy may have memory challenges, and strategies to improve memory or help children with epilepsy and memory challenges.

Planning your Healthcare Appointment

These tips will help you make the most out of your healthcare appointments.