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Raising Awareness

Mindfulness Meditation – A Giving Tuesday Event

November 17, 2020

Join us on Giving Tuesday as Genevieve Dowling leads us in mindfulness meditation discusses how it can improve your mental health. The session is open to all and will be available on our Facebook Live stream (

Nikki’s Training Diary #5

June 1, 2020

#TogetherWeCan #GoTheDistance   I’m happy to report that Peter Andrews and Laura Johnstone are joining me in this fitness challenge. Peter is training to run 10k and Laura is going to walk at least 10,000 steps every day until July 1st. Collectively we are Team Epilepsy and our goal is to raise $2,000. Keep an…

Nikki’s Training Diary #4

May 27, 2020

#TogetherWeCan #GoTheDistance Last week I walked farther and faster than I had before! I’ve been training on a treadmill. When I’ve used the treadmill before, I could only get up to 3 miles/hour (4.8 km/hour*). If I went any faster, I’d get shin splints. Last week was my fourth week of training, and I got…

Nikki’s Training Diary #3

May 19, 2020

#TogetherWeCan #GoTheDistance I have to admit – it was tough to stay motivated last week. It’s not surprising; week three is when I usually falter with any new fitness regimen. Fortunately, having the 10k goal and knowing that I’d have to write this update was enough to get me going. I found that once I…