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M3: Making Mindfulness Matter

July 22, 2022

Participate in a research study providing an online, 8-week mindfulness-based program for children (4-10 years) in Ontario living with epilepsy and their parents.

Epilepsy and Memory Study

June 6, 2022

Although memory problems are one of the most common complaints among people with epilepsy, few resources exist to help manage these problems. Developed by a team of EpLink researchers and epilepsy community members, the STREAM program is a distance-delivery group intervention that provides evidence-based strategies for memory enhancement. 

Epilepsy Ottawa Novela Study

March 29, 2022

Epilepsy Ottawa is partnering with the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) and Novela Neurotechnologies for the Epilepsy Ottawa Novela Study (EONS). EONS seeks 50 adults with epilepsy who are interested in trying the technology for three months.