Epilepsy Ottawa Novela Study

March 29, 2022

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Some people with epilepsy face difficulties in tracking and managing their seizures. Existing methods, such as seizure diaries, can be onerous and used inconsistently. Novela Neurotechnologies has developed a wearable Smartwatch device, called the nEureka®, that is designed to facilitate seizure tracking and management.

Epilepsy Ottawa is partnering with the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) and Novela Neurotechnologies for the Epilepsy Ottawa Novela Study (EONS). This study will investigate what people with epilepsy think about the nEureka® Smartwatch device, if it helps people with epilepsy better manage their seizures, and if it improves their overall quality of life.

EONS seeks 50 adults with epilepsy who are interested in trying the technology for three months. To be included in the study, participants must be Ontario residents who are at least 18 years old, have epilepsy or a seizure disorder, have at least 4 seizures a month, understand written & spoken English, and do not have a know silicone allergy.

Study participants will wear a smartwatch with the seizure tracking app (during the daytime) and a sleep ring (at night) for 3 months, participate in three 30-60 minute check-ins over the 3 months, participate in a longer survey (2-3 hours) at the end of their time in the study, and tell us what they think of the system.

nEureka® for Epilepsy is an all-in-one system consisting of a smartwatch, a sleep monitor, and a tablet home hub. Using simple operations such as tapping on the watch screen, users can easily self-report seizures, set up custom medication reminders, track side effects, record voice memos for anything related to health and mindset. nEureka® can also send text help alerts to a caregiver or loved one with a user’s GPS location and automatically capture health data like heart rate and step counts. At night, the night monitor tracks movement, heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and will silently vibrate if unusual health markers are detected. Health measures from both the smartwatch and night monitor are automatically synced to the tablet home hub. The home hub summarizes data into health reports with at-a-glance insights into a user’s epilepsy status and sleep quality.

Registration is closed.