Mike feels held hostage by his seizures

While other families were celebrating the holidays, Mike’s family gathered at his hospital bedside. His seizures were so bad that he ended up in a coma for five days right before Christmas

Mike has epilepsy. His whole family lives with epilepsy.

He needs to be constantly monitored and can’t be left alone. Mike’s wife Shannon isn’t able to work because she needs to take care of him around the clock. That puts a financial strain on the whole family, in addition to the emotional toll.

Mike and Shannon wedding photo

Mike says, “it feels like I’m an extra chore for my wife.”

Although Mike doesn’t like to ask his three kids to keep an eye on him, they do look out for him. His son constantly asks him if he’s ok and his daughters check on him regularly too. That concerns Mike, “It takes away their childhood because it feels like they have to look after me.”

Mike’s family was struggling, so his doctor referred him to Epilepsy Ottawa. He and his family started to better understand his diagnosis in the Clinic to Community program. Mike joined the UPLIFT program where he enjoys the time he spends talking with others going through the same things he is. Life may never be easy for Mike, but managing his stress and reducing seizures using techniques he learned in UPLIFT is a great step in the right direction.

One of the biggest impacts is that Mike’s kids are letting go of their need to constantly check up on him.

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