Nikki’s Training Diary #2

May 11, 2020

#TogetherWeCan #GoTheDistance

Tulips in a vase
Part of my view as I walk

I’m starting Week 3 of training to walk the 10k for the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. Before this, I would walk for fitness sporadically and I didn’t know how to gradually increase my exercise in a safe way that would avoid injuries. So I found a training schedule online for beginners who are training to walk 10k. I’ve been following the training schedule, even when I feel like I could continue walking at the end.

I’m walking 5 days a week, and I don’t let 2 days go by back-to-back without walking. The first week I walked 15 minutes a day. The second week I walked 20 minutes a day for 4 days and then 30 minutes on the 5th day.

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been walking that much, but it’s clearly had an impact on how I feel. I’m surprised to find that I already have more energy during the day.

I’m thrilled to have passed 25% of my fundraising goal since I launched my page last week! Thank you so much, donors, for your support! It motivates me to keep going.

I’m very fortunate that I have a treadmill at home. It helps me regulate my walking speed so I don’t end up daydreaming and wandering instead of walking for fitness. I can also put on Netflix and start streaming shows which makes the time fly by.


What do you watch or listen to when you’re working out?

This Week’s Goals

  • Walk 25 minutes for 4 days and 45 minutes on the fifth day
  • Walk at a faster speed
  • Figure out how to take my pulse while walking to I can make sure I’m walking the right speed to reach the target heart rate in the training guide.

Overall Stats

  • Walking Time: 3 hours
  • Total Distance: 13.32 km

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