Ottawa Epilepsy Program: Roundtable on Coordinated Epilepsy Care

March 4, 2021

Epilepsy is a complex disorder for which complex social and health system solutions are paramount in helping patients lead full and productive lives.

The Ottawa Epilepsy Program seeks to answer this need. The program is a fully interconnected network of community educators, social service providers, patient advocates and healthcare professionals whose activities seek to promote the health and well being of those living with seizures and epilepsy in our nation’s capital.

The Ottawa Epilepsy Program is composed of 4 core programs: adult, pediatric, transition and community.

Watch our roundtable discussion to learn more about this coordinated epilepsy care.

Speakers: Dr. Sharon Whiting (CHEO), Nikki Porter (Epilepsy Ottawa), Dr. Katherine Muir (CHEO), and Dr. Tad Fantaneanu (The Ottawa Hospital)

Host: Mark McAllister (CityNews)

To find out more about Clinic to Community visit here.

For more information about UPLIFT – the program for people with epilepsy and depression or anxiety OR for people with depression or anxiety who are parents/guardians of people with epilepsy, visit here.