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What is Clinic to Community?

Clinic to Community is an education program that helps you better understand epilepsy, seizure management, safety tips, and how to live well with epilepsy.
Clinic to Community is a gateway to resources, programs, services, and an epilepsy community.

For people with epilepsy/seizure disorders and their families

Epilepsy Ottawa offers Clinic to Community to adults or teens with epilepsy/seizure disorders, their families, and families whose children have epilepsy/seizure disorders. Whether you’re dealing with a new epilepsy diagnosis, or you feel that you or your family could use more information about living well with epilepsy, reducing the risks associated with seizures, identifying when a seizure is a medical emergency, or school or employmnet support, we’d be happy to meet with you.

If you would like to set up an appointment or find out more about the program, please email or complete the contact form below.

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