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Goals of the Clinic To Community program:

  • Provide individuals and their families with information about seizures, seizure first aid and epilepsy.
  • Provide individuals and their family with a network of support services to help everyone in the family live well with a diagnosis of epilepsy.
  • Reduce the burden of epilepsy on the family, the health care system and the Ontario economy.
For children and teens with epilepsy and their families

Epilepsy Ottawa offers Clinic to Community to teens with epilepsy and families whose children have epilepsy. Whether you’re dealing with a new epilepsy diagnosis, or you feel that your family could use more information about living well with epilepsy, reducing the risks associated with seizures, identifying when a seizure is a medical emergency, or school support, we’d be happy to meet with you.

If you are under 18 and have epilepsy or if you have a child with epilepsy and would like to set up an appointment, please email or complete the contact form below.

For adults with epilepsy

Epilepsy Ottawa is running a pilot project of Clinic to Community for adults with epilepsy. Participants in the pilot project will meet with a Clinic to Community Educator (family members and friends are welcome to attend this meeting as well), complete a survey prior to this meeting, and complete a survey one month after the meeting.

If you are 18 or over, have epilepsy, and would like to participate in our pilot program, please email or complete the contact form below.

Please contact me about meeting with a Clinic to Community Educator:

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    Our goal is to eventually expand this program to include any individuals and families living with epilepsy that feel it would benefit them.


    Clinic to Community is generously funded by

    Ontario Trillium Foundation