Employment Support Services

Employment Support

Epilepsy Ottawa provides a number of services to help employers integrate employees with epilepsy into their workplace. Together we can reduce barriers to employment for people with epilepsy.


Epilepsy Ottawa works with employers and employees to ensure that appropriate accommodations are in place. Many people with epilepsy don’t require many, if any, accommodations. Most workplace accommodation costs for employees with epilepsy are low.

Safety Plans

Epilepsy Ottawa can help employers develop a seizure safety plan for each employee with epilepsy. This plan will help the employer better understand an employee’s seizures, identify when a seizure is a medical emergency, and assist someone when they’re having a seizure.


Epilepsy Ottawa offers seizure first aid posters and the following informational Spark sheets

Epilepsy Awareness

One way to create an open, accepting work environment for people with epilepsy is to celebrate Epilepsy Awareness Month in March and Purple Day for Epilepsy on March 26th. Ask Epilepsy Ottawa for some suggestions or participate in one of our awareness campaigns.

Seizure Smart

Seizure Smart is a free program for workplaces and other groups that want to learn more about epilepsy and how to help someone having a seizure.

Seizure Smart presentations help demystify epilepsy and separate fact from myth. Attendees will learn how to identify different types of seizures and respond appropriately when they see someone have a seizure. They will also gain a better understanding of the impact of epilepsy on everyday life.

These presentations are tailored to employers, HR professionals, managers or coworkers.

Presentations are available at locations in Ottawa and surrounding rural areas (Lanark County, Renfrew County, Prescott-Russell County, and Stormont Dundas &
Glengarry Counties).

Epilepsy in the Workplace

For Employers and HR Professionals
Length: 60 Minutes
In addition to covering information about epilepsy, identifying different types of seizures, and seizure first aid, this presentation covers the benefits of hiring an employee with epilepsy, accommodations, safety and liability, the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, and how to make your workplace more inclusive for staff and customers with epilepsy.

Epilepsy 101 for Employees

Length: 60 Minutes
Reviews epilepsy, how to identify different types of seizures, and how to provide seizure first aid for convulsive and non-convulsive seizures. The presentation can reduce anxiety about an employee with epilepsy and ensure staff feel prepared to help someone who has a seizure in the workplace.

For more information or to book a presentation, visit our Seizure Smart page.