For Adults with Epilepsy

Adults with Epilepsy

Client Services

We provide information, resources, and community referrals to people with epilepsy and their families.

Clinic to Community

Created to help smooth the transition from the epilepsy clinic to the community for those newly diagnosed with epilepsy, this education program can also help those struggling with epilepsy many years after diagnosis and those who are looking to improve their quality of life with epilepsy. Clinic to Community helps you better understand epilepsy, seizure management, safety tips, and how to live well with epilepsy. Family members and loved ones are welcome to attend Clinic to Community meetings

Epilepsy Connect Ottawa

A one-on-one peer mentor program for adults with epilepsy.


A mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy program for adults with epilepsy and depression or anxiety.

Social Group

Those with epilepsy and their loved ones can join in on our social group for a great opportunity to meet other people living with epilepsy in a relaxed, informal setting. See our events calendar for upcoming meetings.

Support Groups

  • Monthly: Daytime meeting for adults with epilepsy.
  • Occasional: Support groups for members of our community facing specific challenges. These groups may meet once or occasionally. Previous meetings include PNES Support Group, Pregnancy Support Group, Spouse/Partner Support Group.

See our events calendar for upcoming meetings.

Community Events

We have a variety of family community events a few times a year, including craft workshops, baking, and games nights. See our events calendar for upcoming meetings or email Sandi to get notifications when new community events are scheduled.

Employment Support Services

Epilepsy Ottawa provides a variety of services to support people with epilepsy in the workplace, including assistance with accommodation, safety plans, and other resources.

Seizure Smart Presentations

Seizure Smart is a free program for schools, workplaces, and other groups that want to learn more about epilepsy and how to help someone having a seizure.

Seizure First Aid Videos

Spark Sheets