For Educators

Epilepsy Ottawa provides a number of services to educators integrate children with epilepsy into their classroom and school. Together we can reduce barriers to education and help children with epilepsy reach their full potential


Epilepsy Ottawa works with parents and schools to ensure that appropriate accommodations are in place.

Safety Plans

Epilepsy Ottawa can help schools develop a seizure safety plan for each child with epilepsy. This plan will help the school better understand your child’s seizures, identify when a seizure is a medical emergency, and assist the child when they’re havin ga seizure.

About 1 in 100 people have epilepsy.

Some parents of children with epilepsy choose not to disclose their child’s condition to their school due to stigma and fear that their child will be underestimated in class or face discrimination. It’s possible that there will be a time when you’ll have a child with epilepsy in your classroom and you won’t know it.

Seizure Smart Presentations

Seizure Smart is a free program for schools, daycares, and other groups that want to learn more about epilepsy and how to help someone having a seizure.

Seizure Smart presentations help demystify epilepsy and separate fact from myth. Attendees will learn how to identify different types of seizures and respond appropriately when they see someone have a seizure. They will also gain a better understanding of the impact of epilepsy on everyday life.

These presentations are tailored to their audience, whether it’s teachers, childcare workers, or students. Epilepsy Ottawa has Seizure Smart presentations available for just about any age group, starting as early as Kindergarten.

Read more about our Seizure Smart presentations and book a presentation for your school here.


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