For Individuals

Client Services

We provide information, resources, and community referrals to people with epilepsy and their families.

Clinic to Community

Epilepsy Ottawa is running a pilot project of Clinic to Community for adults with epilepsy. Participants in the pilot project will meet with a Clinic to Community Educator (family members and friends are welcome to attend this meeting as well), complete a survey prior to this meeting, and complete a survey one month after the meeting.

Epilepsy Connect Ottawa

Epilepsy Connect Ottawa is a one-on-one peer mentor program for adults with epilepsy and parents whose children (young or grown) have epilepsy.

Social Group

Those with epilepsy and their loved ones can join in on our social group for a great opportunity to meet other people living with epilepsy in a relaxed, informal setting.

Seizure Smart Presentations

Seizure Smart is a free program for schools, workplaces, and other groups that want to learn more about epilepsy and how to help someone having a seizure.

Seizure First Aid Videos


Spark Sheets

Information Pamphlets