For Parents

Client Services

We provide information, resources, and community referrals to people with epilepsy and their families.

Clinic to Community

Epilepsy Ottawa offers Clinic to Community to teens with epilepsy and families whose children have epilepsy. Whether you’re dealing with a new epilepsy diagnosis, or you feel that your family could use more information about living well with epilepsy, reducing the risks associated with seizures, identifying when a seizure is a medical emergency, or school support, we’d be happy to meet with you.

Epilepsy Connect Ottawa

Epilepsy Connect Ottawa is a one-on-one peer mentor program for adults with epilepsy and parents whose children (young or grown) have epilepsy.

Parent Support Group

Parents and caregivers of young or grown children with epilepsy meet once a month to provide support to one another and discuss the various topics and/or challenges of life from a caregiver’s perspective.

Seizure First Aid Videos

Spark Sheets

Information Pamphlets