The Regglers training journey #1

July 31, 2020

We have decided, as a family to challenge ourselves to walk the entirety of Ottawa’s Poets’ Pathway by the end of summer!  As most people are opting to do “stay-cations” this summer due to COVID, we wanted to choose something unique for our  Go the Distance fitness fundraiser in support of Epilepsy Ottawa.  

Poets’ Pathway is a series of walkways celebrating a famous group of 19th-century Canadian poets. The first pathway begins in Britannia Beach while the last finishes in Beechwood Cemetery where the poets have been laid to rest. Each pathway has a plaque of a famous poem along with a phone number people can call to listen to it being read by a prominent Canadian. In total, the collection of pathways is 35km in length but because the paths don’t loop back around, we will (hopefully!) walk double the total distance of each pathway back to our car.  Along the way we will be taking pictures of us and the scenery!

Our goal is to walk 1 or 2 of the paths a week until we finish all 12 by September.  The paths range from 1.5kms to 4.5kms, and since I am not the most fit person, some of these paths will prove to be difficult.  In between completing each path, I am going to try and get out each day for smaller walks to help build my fitness.  At this point, we have completed 2 paths so far, and walking the third path this weekend.  The heat is definitely taking its toll on me so far, as I didn’t quite make it back to the car on the second walk, but I will keep persevering to achieve our goal!

We are aiming to raise $500 to help bring UPLIFT to Ottawa.  Uplift is a proven program to help reduce depression and anxiety in people living with epilepsy.   Epilepsy can be a difficult condition to manage at times, and can take a toll on a person’s mental health.  Now, more than ever, we need support services in place to help those dealing with depression, and this program will benefit so many people in the Ottawa area living with epilepsy.

We are halfway to our goal, which is so motivating!  Thank you so much for all the support!

So far, we have walked a total of 7.73kms on the two paths we have completed, and 4.75kms in training.

Goals for this week:

  • complete paths 3 (3kms) and 4 (2.5kms) of the Poet’s Pathway
  • make sure to get outside daily for a shorter walk to build fitness


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