Whether you are dealing with a new diagnosis, struggling to cope with the challenges that epilepsy can bring, interested in tips for living well with epilepsy, seeking a neurologist or resources, eager to learn how to help someone having a seizure, or seeking the latest provincial guidelines for treatment a patient with epilepsy, these resources can help.


These three videos illustrate what different types of seizures look like, when a seizure is a medical emergency, and how you can help someone having a seizure.

Spark Sheets

Spark Sheets are packed with information about a variety of topics and tips on living well with epilepsy. You can download these pdfs to save or print at home. You can also pick one up at our office.

Provincial Guidelines

The Epilepsy Implementation Task Force (EITF) created a series of provincial guidelines for treating people with epilepsy. These may be useful to physicians or people living with epilepsy who are interested the recommended treatments and approach.


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